Using the Auto-Classified Results

To see the auto-classification hierarchy that you have generated, perform a search using your application. As mentioned previously, the easiest way to do this from the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool is to open the project for your application and click on the name of that project beside the "Project:" label in the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool's left-hand navigation menu. This displays a generic query screen for your application, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Seeing the Taxonomy in Search Results

The Binning Set that represents and allows you to explore your taxonomy is shown in the bottom left corner of this figure, using the label Taxonomy, which we specified in Defining Resources to Crawl and Index, earlier in this tutorial. You can compare this figure against Figure 2, which shows an empty query that was performed against the search collection before we had generated a taxonomy.

To explore and use the taxonomy, you can click any portion of its hierarchy after making a query. This limits the potential search results for your query to the contents of that portion of the taxonomy. You can drill down multiple levels, depending upon the number of levels that you generated when initially classifying or refining the taxonomy for your search collection.

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