System Requirements

The CMIS connector system requirements include the following:

  • Watson™ Explorer Engine versions or greater
  • A CRM data source that supports CMIS 1.0 and has CMIS enabled (See the documentation of your CMS repository for information on how to enable CMIS)
    Note: The data and updates available from your data source will vary based on its implementation of the CMIS protocol.
  • The specified Crawl User must have full read access to all the folders that you want to crawl.
The following CMIS enabled data sources have been tested as crawl-able by the CMIS connector.
Note: This is a list of tested data sources. The CMIS connector is a protocol connector and has been designed to crawl any data source that fully supports the CMIS 1.0 specification.
  • IBM FileNetP8 v5.2
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Alfresco Enterprise Content Management Platform v4.2
Note: The CMIS connector is available for all platforms that are supported by Watson Explorer Engine.