Testing Basic Spotlighting

Once you have modified your project to use a source that produces boosted results and to use a display that provides information about how to render them, it's time to actually verify that the project is working correctly. Reload your application and click Search to view the results. The results of a sample null query (in other words, not searching for any terms) made to the application that is defined by your project will show that the selected items are being boosted, but the boosting area is fairly large due to the number of content elements that it displays, because the simple parser in our source is boosting all results. In actual applications, you would rarely want to boost all content elements, so the next section of this tutorial explains how to refine the number of items that are boosted by conditionalizing the search results that are boosted based on the contents of one of the fields that a search result contains.

To proceed with this tutorial, click Conditional Boosting.