Redisplay Rules

Redisplay rules enable you to substitute one word or phrase as another. This enables you to modify cluster labels by redisplaying them as another word or phrase. Similarly, redisplay rules are often used to standardize the capitalization of acronyms in cluster labels so that the "correct" acronymn is used as a cluster label rather than simply the most common version. While redisplay rules can occasionally be very useful, they should be used sparingly because they may interact with existing rules in your knowledge base, producing results that can be hard to diagnose. Redisplay rules are used so infrequently that they can only be added through the IBM® Watson™ Explorer Engine API or in XML.

You can view the XML for any knowledge base by clicking the XML button on the Knowledge Bases >> Entry List tab. You can also use this XML view to add or edit redisplay rules directly. The syntax of a redisplay rule is identical to that of a rephrase rule, as in the following example:

<redisplay this="Nsf" as="NSF" />

This example shows the only common use of redisplay rules, which is to standardize acronyms that are used as cluster labels. This redisplay rule insures that instances of "Nsf" are displayed as "NSF".

When adding a redisplay rule, you should first check that no other rule is associated with the source or target phrase (in this case, Nsf and NSF, respectively) by entering each phrase in the Look up box on the Knowledge Bases >> Entry List tab. If no existing rule is related to these terms, your redisplay rules should be safe to add. However, if you begin seeing other transformations in cluster labels beyond those that you intended, you may want to consider removing any redisplay rules that you have addded.