Creating and Using Multiple KBs

IBM® Watson™ Explorer Engine gives you the ability to create and use any number of custom knowledge bases. Select the Add icon beside the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool's Knowledge Bases menu entry, give the new knowledge base a unique name, and start adding knowledge to it.

It might be useful to select knowledge bases based on user-defined parameters. For example, in the default project, knowledge bases and stemmers are selected based on the language parameter.

If you are planning to add a large number of knowledge rules or if you would like to import existing knowledge from a different source, you might consider importing a knowledge base in XML format. See the schema description of the knowledge base nodes for a description of this format.

In this tutorial, we described how to add basic knowledge through the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool. The sections that follow this tutorial describe knowledge rules in more detail, and how these rules can be added directly with XML or the API. They also give more details on how to treat acronyms.