Using Autocomplete in a Search Application

At this point, autocomplete is set up and ready to use. If you opened the search application earlier, return to that window or tab and refresh your browser. If you didn't open the search application, click the list icon () next to the Projects link in the left-side navigation menu, select the autocomplete-tutorial-project and then click on the Project: autocomplete-tutorial-project link in the left hand navigation bar.

In your application type the letter t. A list of suggestions will appear.

Notice that some of the suggestions are links. Those are the phrases that were extracted from the example-metadata collection with the url content element as metadata. Continue typing, entering the letter o. The list is further refined. If you select tommy flat from the list, the suggestion is searched for and the results will be displayed.

Now try the other suggestion from that list. Delete the contents of the search box and type the letters si. This time, select laura sidney from the suggestion list, and you will see that no results are found. This is a phrase that should not be suggested as it matches 0 results (there may be other reasons phrases should not be suggested, such as inappropriate content). In some cases, it may be easy to remove bad phrases (by removing them from a input source text file, or making an input source text file of phrases to remove), but others may only be easily recognized by single words. To remove these kinds of phrases, a filter can be created. The next section of this tutorial describes how to add a filter to remove the unwanted phrase.

To proceed to the next section, click Creating a Filter for Autocomplete Results.