Testing Your Search Collection

Once crawling and indexing complete successfully, you can perform a search against your entire search collection by clicking Search under the search box that appears under the Test with project label in the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool's left-hand navigation bar. A search results screen displays, showing search results in the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool's debugging display, and will look something like the screen shown in Figure 1.

Note: This sample search returns all of the files in the sample share that matches an empty query. Not only does the empty string match all results, but the search application is not using the access control information that it has retrieved. You can tell that the empty search matches all possible results because the number of All results shown in this figure is the same as the number of documents that were indexed, as shown in the Overview tab for your search collection after crawling and indexing.
Figure 1. Sample Search Results for an Empty Search

The next two sections explain how to verify that you are indeed retrieving ACL information when crawling the fileshare, and how to verify that your search application will respect those ACLs when displaying search results.

To proceed with this tutorial, click Viewing ACL Information When Debugging.