The Sample Environment for This Tutorial

This tutorial uses a sample Microsoft Windows system with an Active Directory domain named training and a Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) network shared folder named Auth Tutorial Fileshare. The domain contains the user accounts and associated groups shown in the following table:

Table 1. Sample Domain Users and Groups
User Developers Human Resources Marketing Users
Joe CEO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Joe Developer Yes     Yes
Joe Marketing     Yes Yes
Joe User       Yes

The following table shows the directories and associated permissions in this share:

Table 2. Sample Shared Directories and Group Permissions
Directory Developers Human Resources Marketing Users
\Development Yes      
\Human Resources   Yes    
\Marketing     Yes  
\Marketing and Development Yes   Yes  
\Public Yes Yes Yes Yes

For the purposes of this tutorial, assume that each of the directories shown in the previous table contains a single HTML document whose content states who should be able to see that document, and contains the keyword test to provide a way to perform a single search that could potentially match all of these documents. This makes it easy to demonstrate the effects of integrated authorization, because searches performed as different users will match documents based on the access rights of those users.

To begin the authenticated search tutorial, click Creating the Search Collection.