Understanding how your Watson™ Explorer Engine Platform application will be used is very important. IBM recommends that any deployment of Watson Explorer Engine includes significant user testing to ensure that the features chosen are deployed as expected. Many potential usage and deployment problems can easily be avoided by trying the procedures that the users will perform. Storyboarding the anatomy of different usage scenarios is a good way to understand what needs to be developed, as is polling the user groups that you will be serving.

This is perhaps the largest section of your plan as far as development is concerned, but also the most site and application specific. The Optimizing Watson Explorer Engine Platform applications chapter of this manual should have given you a good feel for which features of Watson Explorer Engine you need to implement. The documentation that describes those features should be reviewed beforehand to understand if these features impose any additional requirements that need to be planned for.

Remember, when planning usage that you are not constrained to a single output method (as described in Chapter 4). You can create many different projects to suit the needs of the different type of use associated with the different uses of your Watson Explorer Engine Platform application (Intranet, Internet, Extranet, People Search, Mobile, etc.).