Machine Learning annotator

Applies to version and subsequent versions unless specifically overridden The Machine Learning Annotator allows users to extract entities and relationships from documents using pre-trained models.

Table 1. Supported Model Type(s)
Type Description
Watson Knowledge Studio ML Model Extracts Entities and Relations
Text with the following annotations:
- user-defined-root-facet
  - entities
    - entity-facet-defined-in-ml-model
  - relations
    - relation-facet-defined-in-ml-model
      - source
      - target
Configuration Parameters
Table 2. Configuration Parameters
Name Description Required
file ML file True
name Name of the enrichment False
description Description of the enrichment False
facetPath Facet path for the extracted annotations True

Supported Languages

Watson Knowledge Studio ML models support only one language per model. This can be confirmed by checking the Language section on the Machine Learning tab of the annotator.

Multiple machine learning annotators can be added to one collection, however, if the document's language does not match the model language, no annotations will be created.