Integrating Watson Explorer Engine with System Updates

Many computers today run system services that contact an operating system vendor and automatically download and install system updates. These updates typically provide security-related software updates, bug fixes, and any package enhancements or new packages required by those updates.

Installing updated operating system binaries or system libraries may require rebooting your system in order to remove old versions and begin using the new ones. Some software update systems automatically reboot your system when it is necessary to do so after a software update. If this is the case, you must make sure that software updates are scheduled so that they cannot conflict with Watson™ Explorer Engine index updates or re-crawls of your search collections. Rebooting the system while an index update is in progress can substantially increase the time required for index creation or updates, especially for indices that are being created by crawling remote resources that may not always be available or to which connectivity is intermittent or slow.

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