Manages the run state of the embedded web server that is installed as a part of Watson™ Explorer Engine.


embedded-webserver [-h|-help|-?|


The embedded-webserver command is located in the bin subdirectory of Watson Explorer Engine installation (on Microsoft operating systems this command has the .exe file extension). The embedded webserver has to be enabled using the embedded-webserver-config command for this command's functionality to be usable.


  • -h|-help|-? Display the command line help message and exit.
  • -quiet Suppress standard messages and only print fatal errors.
  • configtest Validates the syntax of the embedded webserver's configuration file INSTALLDIR/webserver/webserver.conf.3 as well as any files linked to from that root configuration file. If any of those files contain errors detailed information on the syntax error is returned to the user unless -quiet is set.
    Note: While the embedded web server in Watson Explorer Engine uses INSTALLDIR/webserver/webserver.conf.3 as its runtime configuration file, it is regenerated everytime embedded-webserver is invoked from a template INSTALLDIR/webserver/webserver.conf.3.tmpl . Changes or corrections to syntax should therefore be made to the template file instead of the configuration file directly.
  • is-running Quickly determine if the embedded web server is currently running. If -quiet was not set and the web server is running, the process id (PID) of the main web server process is returned.
  • restart Stops the embedded web server that is installed as part of Watson Explorer Engine if it is running and then starts it again. If the embedded web server is not running when restart is called, it is equivalent to simply calling start.
  • start Starts the embedded webserver that is included with Watson Explorer Engine. On Microsoft operating systems this requires registering a Service, the name of which is set using embedded-webserver-config and must be unique from all other Service names on that machine.
    Note: When starting the embedded Watson Explorer Engine web server for the first time on Microsoft operating systems where the Microsoft firewall is enabled or which support User Account Control (UAC) warnings, your system may display a dialog requesting that you unblock the program in your firewall or otherwise grant the application access to your network. You must approve whichever of these access requests you see in order for applications to use this web server.
  • stop Stops the embedded Watson Explorer Engine web server. On Microsoft operating systems the background Service that was registered when the web server started will be uninstalled.

Exit Status

  • 0 - Command executed successfully
  • 1 - Command encountered an error
  • 2 - Missing command line argument or usage requested
Note: On Linux systems, exit codes above 127 are returned by the shell. Consult the documentation for the shell that you are using for more information.