Enabling Software Installation on Linux Systems

Note: The instructions in this section are only necessary to perform if you are going to install Installation Manager and Watson Explorer as an administrator, into system directories such as /opt. You do not need to disable SELinux if you are going to install both Installation Manager and Watson Explorer in non-admin mode, which installs them into your home directory.

If you are running a version of Linux that includes support for AppArmor or Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), please disable them before installing any Watson Explorer module. You can disable SELinux policy enforcement while installing Watson Explorer modules by executing the following command as the root user:

    /usr/sbin/setenforce 0

Executing this command will put SELinux in permissive mode, where violations of SELinux policies are logged but not prevented, until the next time you boot your system or until you execute the following command, which will put your system back in enforcing mode:

    /usr/sbin/setenforce 1

All Watson Explorer modules require access to resources that are typically managed by SELinux, and will therefore not function correctly on systems where SELinux is actively enforcing its default policies. Contact product support for information about creating SELinux policies that enable the Watson Explorer modules to coexist with active SELinux policy enforcement.