Annotation Administration

IBM® Watson™ Explorer Annotation Administration Console can help you gain deeper insights into unstructured content.

Annotation Administration Console is a separately installable module that you install after you install the IBM Watson Explorer Foundational Components.

Text annotators provided with Annotation Administration Console apply linguistic analysis to extract concepts and entities that might be buried in the text, such as extracting person, location, and organization names or identifying positive and negative sentiment.

By using Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA), you can configure custom annotators to identify and extract domain-specific information. You can also integrate custom annotators that you create with IBM Watson Explorer Content Analytics Studio. Content Analytics Studio is separately installable module that is provided with IBM Watson Explorer Advanced Edition.

In Annotation Administration Console, you create collections to specify the text processing rules and annotators that you want to apply when text is analyzed. A sample collection, named nlp, is created when you install Annotation Administration Console.

The text analytics API, which is provided with IBM Watson Explorer Engine, pulls analysis results from Annotation Administration Console and makes the results available to your Watson Explorer applications. The text analytic resources that you configure in Annotation Administration Console enable custom and domain-specific text analytics development that can enhance Watson Explorer 360-degree view and content mining applications.

When you configure Annotation Administration Console, you can specify options to enforce secure communication between the text analytics API and Annotation Administration Console.