Named Entity Recognition annotator

The Named Entity Recognition annotator uses predefined rules to recognize references to persons, locations, and organizations in text, and maps this information to facets.

By default, this annotator is not enabled. To enable and configure the annotator in Annotation Administration Console, either click Actions > Named entity recognition annotator or click the icon for enabling and disabling annotators in the Annotators area of the collection, and then select the check box for this annotator.

For each supported language, you can add entries to specify additional words to recognize as entities when text is analyzed. For example, you might specify energy as a word to be recognized as an organization entity. You can also specify words that are to be disregarded (blocked) and not annotated. The system maps the annotated data to facets that are named Person, Location, and Organization.

The provided Named Entity Recognition annotator supports the following languages:

After you make changes to the configuration of the Named Entity Recognition annotator, you must apply the changes. After you return to the Collections view, apply your changes by clicking the icon to start the Deploy analytics resources task. If you also enabled the annotator, click the icons to stop and restart the Text Analytics session.