IBM Watson Curator overview

The ability of cognitive computing systems like IBM® Watson™ to provide accurate information quickly and with confidence depends on the collection and preparation of a large amount of trusted information. However, this requirement for relevant and reliable content with traceable provenance, available from a single system, is not typically met by most enterprise data.

Watson Curator is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that simplifies the process of building information collections. It enables you to locate, review, enhance, and track high-quality and highly relevant information for use by cognitive systems. In doing so, it reduces the work of identifying and managing the highest quality content by using a guided and repeatable process that makes subject matter experts more efficient and allows them to focus on what is most important.

Watson Curator offers cognitive solutions, such as Watson Engagement Advisor, the following benefits:
  • Simplifies the process of transforming raw data into high quality information collections that contain trusted, reliable, and current content
  • Guides curation teams through a streamlined, repeatable process of finding, reviewing, classifying, and enhancing with metadata the most relevant and highest quality data
  • Replaces time-consuming, labor-intensive manual processes with a single solution that combines best practices with technology to reduce the amount of time and effort that is needed to build and maintain information collections
  • Provides transparency into the source of information and the chain of custody, enabling governance of information collections with full provenance to assist with inquiries and challenges to responses
  • Provides a feedback mechanism that enables existing information collections to be updated and enhanced to further increase the quality of responses