Monitoring notes highlights

Notes highlights are a ranked list of key words and concepts from a client's notes. You can use notes highlights to quickly scan for important issues before you read detailed notes. You can mark notes highlights as important to get quick access to any new notes that contain that notes highlight. You can also add certain information directly to a client's data from the notes highlight.

About this task

Notes highlights are identified and categorized under four headings.

  • Clinical
  • Contact
  • Social
  • People

The notes highlights are ranked by importance to the selected client. When you mark notes highlights as important for a client, you can get quick access to notes that contain those notes highlights. For example, if you mark 'exercise' as important, it is listed more prominently for that client. For a different client, you might mark 'exercise' as not important, and it is listed less prominently.

Over time, the ranking is influenced by what Watson Care Manager learns from your feedback. When you mark a notes highlight as important for a client, it learns about what matters for this client. It also learns what matters to people like you, that is, people with the same care team role. For example, if many of the doctors in an organization consider 'scan' important, then 'scan' is ranked higher for other doctors in the organization.

If notes highlights map to one of the default data types, such as a phone number, you can add the data directly from the notes highlight. If not, the Add Data action is disabled.


  1. Sign in to your account.
    Your home page opens.
  2. To see your clients, from the Side Navigation Menu, select Clients > My Clients, or search for other clients.
  3. Click a client name.
    Their Summary View opens.
  4. Review the most important notes highlights in the Notes Highlights card.
    You can filter the notes highlights by category or by period.
  5. To see the full list of notes that mention that notes highlight, select View Notes from the card Row Actions menu of the notes highlight.
    The list of relevant notes opens.
  6. To see all of the notes highlights in more detail, from the Note Highlights card, click View All.
    The Notes Highlights page opens.
  7. Review the notes highlights to identify any key words or phrases of interest to you. The latest note that mentions each notes highlight is provided for convenience.
  8. To mark the importance of a notes highlight, from the Actions menu of the notes highlight, select one of the following options:
    1. To rate a notes highlight as important, click Important.
      The notes highlight is listed more prominently.
    2. To rate a notes highlight as unimportant, click Not Important.
      The notes highlight is listed less prominently.
    3. To reset your choice, click Reset.