Web archive (WAR) files

You can use the Java™ EE web application archive feature in this product. A web application is a group of HTML pages, JSP pages, servlets, resources, and source file, which can be managed as a single unit. A web archive (WAR) file is a packaged web application. WAR files can be used to import a web application into a web server.

In addition to project resources, the WAR file includes a web deployment descriptor file. The web deployment descriptor is an XML file that contains deployment information, MIME types, session configuration details, and other settings for a web application. The web deployment descriptor file (web.xml) provides information about the WAR file is shared with the developers, assemblers, and deployers in a Java EE environment.

The web development environment provides facilities for importing and exporting WAR files, using the following wizards:
  • Import Resources from a WAR File, which requires that you to specify a web project. You can use existing projects or create them as you use the wizard.
  • Export Resources to a WAR File, which requires only an export location and some optional settings