[IBM i]

IBM i prerequisites

Before you install WebSphere® Application Server, verify that your hardware and software meet the minimum requirements.

Hardware requirements

Overall system requirements will vary based on actual workload requirements. Use IBM® Systems Workload Estimator for sizing assistance.

Systems that do not meet the recommended minimums may be used in environments that support a limited number of users and where longer server initialization times are acceptable. The recommended hardware minimum requirements follow:
  • Minimum server requirements:
    • Recommended minimum server models:
      • WebSphere requires a partition with a minimum of 600 CPW
      • WebSphere applications can benefit from the addition of an Accelerator Feature on models where this is available
      • Each active WebSphere profile requires a minimum of 1 GB of memory
    • Any partition running WebSphere Application Server should have a minimum of 2 GB of memory. This memory requirement is in addition to memory required for any other applications running on your IBM i server.

    These requirements are based on a single WebSphere Application Server profile. Additional profiles running concurrently require additional resources.

    These requirements represent the recommended minimum requirements. Deployments that must support many users or require shorter response times might require additional resources.

  • Disk requirements:
    Table 1. Disk requirements.

    This table describes WebSphere Application Server for IBM i disk requirements.

    Installation option Description Disk space after installation
    WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Application Server run time 910 MB
    Application Server Samples Sample applications 90 MB
    Application Client Client development and run time 230 MB
    Web Server Plug-ins Web Server Plug-ins 100 MB

IBM i software requirements

The software required is as follows:

  • IBM i Version X Release Y (VXRY):

    WebSphere Application Server is supported on IBM i Version 7 Release 1 (V7R1) and Version 7 Release 2 (V7R2). The IBM i server must be in an unrestricted state, and your user profile must have *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

  • Java™ requirements:

    [ or later] Starting in version, Java SE 8 is the default Java. When updating to, update all existing profiles that use Java SDK 6 to use Java SDK 8. You can continue to use Java SDK Java Technology Edition Version 7.0 and Version 7.1, but no service can be provided after the end of support in July 2022, which could expose your environment to security risks. For instructions on how to update your existing WebSphere Application Server profiles to use Java SE 8, follow the steps that are outlined in the IBM i documentation.

    The following Java product is required to use or install WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5:
    • V7R2:
      • Java SE 6 32 bit (5770-JV1 option 11)
    • V7R3:
      • Java SE 7 32 bit (5770-JV1 option 14)
    • [ or later] V7R4:
      • Java SE 8 32 bit (5770-JV1 option 16)
      • Java SE 8 64 bit (5770-JV1 option 17)
  • IBM i Qshell (5761-SS1, or 5770-SS1 option 30):

    Required to run installation scripts and to use other scripts in WebSphere Application Server.

  • IBM i Extended Base Directory Support (5761-SS1, or 5770-SS1 option 3):

    Required for installation.

  • IBM i Portable Application Solutions Environment (5761-SS1, or 5770-SS1 option 33):

    Required to use Tivoli® Performance Viewer. Required for Java SE 6 32 bit and Java SE 6 64 bit.

  • IBM i Host Servers (5761-SS1, or 5770-SS1 option 12):

    Required for installation.

  • IBM i Digital Certificate Manager (5761-SS1, or 5770-SS1 option 34):

    Required for installation to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

  • All necessary fixes:

    For a list of current fixes, see IBM i Support and click PTFs.

IBM i optional software

The optional software is as follows:
  • Java products:
    You can choose the following optional Java product to use with WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5:
    • V7R2:
      • IBM SE 6.0 64 bit (5770-JV1 option 12)
      • IBM SE 7 32 bit (5770-JV1 option 14)
      • IBM SE 7 64 bit (5770-JV1 option 15)
      • IBM SE 8 32 bit (5770-JV1 option 16)
      • IBM SE 8 64 bit (5770-JV1 option 17)
    • V7R3:
      • IBM SE 7 64 bit (5770-JV1 option 15)
      • IBM SE 8 32 bit (5770-JV1 option 16)
      • IBM SE 8 64 bit (5770-JV1 option 17)
  • HTTP server:
    An HTTP server is not required for installation, but recommended for production environments that use servlets and JSP files. If you plan to deploy only enterprise beans, you do not need an HTTP server instance. WebSphere Application Server supports these HTTP server products:
    • IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) (5761-DG1 or 5770-DG1)
    • Lotus® Domino® 8 for System i® 8.0 (5733-LD8), versions 8.0.1 and 8.0.2
    • IBM Domino 8.5 for i (5733-L85)
  • DB2® Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for iSeries (5761-ST1 or 5770-ST1):

    The DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for iSeries help you develop client applications.

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