Installing Java Web Start

Learn about the steps that are necessary to install Java™ Web Start (JWS).. Java Web Start technology is provided by the Java SE runtime environment to deploy Java EE application clients (including Thin application clients) on the remote client machine with a single click from a web browser on the client machine.

Before you begin

Before you begin this task, see the Preparing the application client run time dependency component for Java Web Start topic to understand Java Web Start (JWS) technology and components.

Supported configurations: The Sun Java Web Start, which is available from Sun Microsystems, is not compatible with the IBM Runtime Environment, Java 2 Technology Edition, which is provided by WebSphere Application Server and the IBM Application Client. The IBM Runtime Environment contains some additional functionality that is not supported in the Sun Java Web Start. Also, the IBM Runtime Environment uses a different packaging structure than the Sun Java Web Start. Use the IBM Runtime Environment.

About this task

Complete the following steps to install JWS:


  1. Install IBM Application Client for WebSphere Application Server.
  2. Change your directory to the javaws path.
    • [z/OS]client_install_root\java\jre\lib\javaws
  3. Run the update settings script from the path mentioned in the previous step.
    • [z/OS]Run the script
  4. Change your path to the JWS installed path.
    For example, enter:
    • [z/OS]client_install_root\java\jre\javaws
  5. Run javaws from the path mentioned in the previous step.
    • [z/OS]Run ./javaws command.