Viewing current performance activity

You can view the current performance activity of a server using the Tivoli® Performance Viewer in the administrative console.

Before you begin

Once monitoring is enabled, Tivoli Performance Viewer monitors the performance activity of all servers on a node, which includes the associated application servers and the administrative agent for the node being monitored.

About this task

Tivoli Performance Viewer enables administrators and programmers to monitor the current health of WebSphere® Application Server. Because the collection and viewing of data occurs in the application server, performance may be affected. To minimize performance impacts, monitor only those servers whose resources need to be optimized.


  1. Click Monitoring and Tuning > Performance Viewer > Current® Activity in the console navigation tree.
  2. Start monitoring the current activity of a server in either of two ways:
    • Under Server, click the name of the server whose activity you want to monitor. Clicking on the name starts the monitoring for the server and displays the activity page for the server.
    • Select the check box for the server whose activity you want to monitor, and click Start Monitoring.[AIX Solaris HP-UX Linux Windows][z/OS]To start monitoring multiple servers at the same time, select the servers and click Start Monitoring.
    A Tivoli Performance Viewer console panel is displayed, providing a navigation tree on one side and a view of real-time data on the current performance activity of a server on the other side.
  3. From the navigation tree, select the server activity data that you want to view.
    Option Description
    Advisor Use the Performance Advisor to examine various data while your application is running. The Performance Advisor provides advice to help tune systems for optimal performance and gives recommendations on inefficient settings by using collected PMI data.
    Settings Configure user and logging settings for Tivoli Performance Viewer. These settings can affect the performance of your application server.
    Summary Reports View summary reports on servlets, enterprise beans (EJBs), EJB methods, connections pools and thread pools in WebSphere Application Server.
    Performance Modules View performance modules that provide graphics and charts of various performance data on system resources such as CPU utilization, on WebSphere pools and queues such as database connection pools, and on customer application data such as servlet response time. In addition to providing a viewer for performance data, Tivoli Performance Viewer enables you to view data for other products or customer applications that have implemented custom PMI.

What to do next

When you finish monitoring a server, select the server and click Stop Monitoring. Tivoli Performance Viewer automatically stops monitoring a server if the browser window is closed or if the user logs out.
Avoid trouble: When using Mozilla Firefox Version 3.5.16, the Tivoli® Performance Viewer graphical charts do not render correctly. When viewing performance data, you might see an empty graph or missing data, even though you selected counters to display in the chart. Use Firefox Version, 3.6.13 or higher, to resolve this problem.