Using High Performance Extensible Logging to troubleshoot applications

You can use High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) to help diagnose problems in WebSphere® Application Server.

About this task

Administrators using WebSphere Application Server need to use log and trace files to determine whether their applications and the server are running correctly.

Logs typically contain information that is of interest to administrators and must be looked at periodically to ensure there are no unexpected errors or warnings.

Trace typically contains information that is useful for debugging application or server problems and can help identify specific problems with individual components.


  1. Enable HPEL if you have not done so already. Read about changing from basic mode to HPEL logging and tracing for more information.
  2. Configure the HPEL facility. For example, configure HPEL to store your logs and trace in appropriate directories, and specify how long you want log and trace content to be retained before being deleted. Read about HPEL to learn about the log and trace framework overall, and read about configuring HPEL for more configuration information.
  3. Restart the application server after making static configuration changes.