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Defining email notification

In addition to actively monitoring tasks on the Runtime tasks panel, you can have email notifications sent to specified users when runtime tasks occur.

Before you begin

When security is enabled, some fields are not available without proper authorization.You require configurator administrative permission to define email notification.

About this task

By defining email notification, you can specify a set of email addresses to be notified when runtime tasks are generated.

The sender user ID is preset to wasxd. Register the sender user ID in your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) registry before the cell can successfully send email notifications.


  1. Optional: Set the user ID from which the emails are sent.
    By default, the value is preset to wasxd. To change this default, perform the following steps:
    1. In the administrative console, click System administration > Cell > Custom properties > New.
    2. Enter the name of the custom property as task.email.global.sender.id, and set the value to the specific email user ID that you want to use.
    3. Click Apply. The change becomes effective when you save the configuration.
  2. Configure email notification in the administrative console.
    Select System administration > Task management > Notifications. Select Enable notifications. When runtime tasks are generated, an email notification is sent to each of the specified email addresses.
  3. Verify that email is sent for a particular task.
    When all of the changes are made, click Test email to verify that the email is sent for a particular task. If the email server uses spam-blocking software, this test can fail and prevent the email from being displayed in the test inbox. To save your changes, click Apply or OK.


When notification is enabled, an email is sent to each of the specified addresses when a task is generated. When notification is enabled and no email addresses are specified, no emails are sent.

What to do next

  • You can configure custom properties to get more detailed task information in the emails, or to customize the subject line in the emails.
  • Manage the runtime tasks in the administrative console.