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Intelligent Management: health controller commands with the AdminConfig object

You can use the AdminConfig object to modify the health controller settings. You can change the controller cycle, prohibit server restarts at certain times of the day, and so on.


Health management comes equipped with smart defaults that accommodate most environments. However, if you discover that your health controller is not working the way you want, then tune the default parameters. You can change these settings in the administrative console or with the wsadmin tool.


To change configuration settings for the health controller, you must have configurator or administrator privileges. If you have operator privileges, you can only change the runtime configuration.

To edit the health controller properties, run the following commands:

.\wsadmin.sh -lang jython
hcid = AdminConfig.getid("/HealthController:/")
AdminConfig.modify(hcid, [["attribute_name", value]])


You can edit the following attributes:
Specifies the time between consecutive health checks to determine if a health policy condition is breached.

Default: 5

Specifies if health monitoring is enabled.

Default: true

Specifies the number of attempts to revive a server after a restart decision is made. If this number is exceeded, a failed operation is assumed and restarts are disabled for the server.

Valid values: whole numbers between 1 and 5

Default: 3

Controls the minimum amount of time that must pass between consecutive restarts of an server instance.

Valid values: The value can range from 15 minutes to 365 days, inclusive. Indicate the units with the minRestartIntervalUnits attribute. A value of 0 disables the minimum restart value.

Default: 0 (disabled)

Indicates the units to use with the minRestartInterval attribute

Valid values: 2 (minutes), 3 (hours), or 4 (days)

Default: 2

Specifies the times and days of the week during which a restart of an application server instance is prohibited. You cannot change this attribute with the AdminConfig object. To update the prohibited restart times in the administrative console, click Operational policies > Autonomic managers > Health controller. Edit the Prohibited restart times field.
Specifies a custom property on the health controller.
Specifies a number of minutes to wait for a server to stop before explicitly checking its state and attempting another start.

Valid values 1 to 60 minutes, specified as a whole number

Default: 5


The following command example changes the restart timeout setting:
hcid = AdminConfig.getid("/HealthController:/")
AdminConfig.modify(hcid, [["restartTimeout", 6]])
The following command sets the number of minutes for the approval timeout of runtime tasks for the health controller by specifying the com.ibm.ws.xd.hmm.controller.ControlConfig.approvalTimeOutMinutes Java™ virtual machine (JVM) custom property. In this example specifically, the value of the approval timeout is set to 40 minutes:
.\wsadmin.sh -lang jython
hcid = AdminConfig.getid("/HealthController:/")
AdminConfig.create('Property', hcid, [['name', 'com.ibm.ws.xd.hmm.controller.ControlConfig.
 approvalTimeOutMinutes'], ]['value', '40']]) AdminConfig.save()