Installing your application serving environment

Learn how to establish application-serving capability in new and existing environments. The information includes planning, preparing for, completing, and maintaining your product installation.

Tip: Try WebSphere® Application Server in the cloud - no product download, installation, or tuning required. See IBM® WebSphere Application Server on IBM Cloud®.

Installing the product

An initial installation of a WebSphere Application Server product includes the following steps:

  1. Plan your installation.

    Review which software components you can install and which IBM Installation Manager methods you can use to install them, and determine where to install the software.

  2. Prepare your operating system.

    Install libraries, adjust system settings, and stop any processes that might interfere with the installation as required by your operating system.

  3. Install the product.

    Using your chosen Installation Manager method, install WebSphere Application Server and any additional software.

After you install WebSphere Application Server, set up profiles and configure your environment as described in Setting up the application serving environment.

Maintaining the product

To maintain the product, you can use Installation Manager to install fix packs and interim fixes and modify installed features.

Uninstalling the product

Use Installation Manager to uninstall the product, and then clean your system of any remaining traces of the product installation.

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