Backing up and restoring administrative configuration files

You can back up administrative configuration files using the backupConfig command. You can restore administrative configuration files using the restoreConfig command.

About this task

WebSphere® Application Server represents its administrative configurations as XML files. You should back up configuration files on a regular basis.

Restore the configuration only if the configuration files that you backed up are at the same level of the release, including fixes, as the release to which you are restoring.


  1. Synchronize administrative configuration files.
    1. Click System administration > Nodes in the console navigation tree to access the Nodes page.
    2. Click Full Resynchronize. The resynchronize operation resolves conflicts among configuration files and can take several minutes to run.
  2. Run the backupConfig command to back up configuration files.
  3. Run the restoreConfig command to restore configuration files. Specify backup files that do not contain invalid or inconsistent configurations.