Release notes

Links are provided to a description of the new functionality, the product support website, the product documentation, and to last-minute updates, limitations, and known problems for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Version 8.5 products.

Accessing last-minute updates, limitations, and known problems

Accessing hardware and software requirements

Accessing product documentation

The following documentation is installed with this product.

Help files

The help files provide detailed instructions for completing tasks and for specifying settings in the graphical systems management tools. Use the help menus, links, or buttons provided in the tool interfaces to access the help files.

Documentation on the web

The documentation set for all WebSphere Application Server products is in the online IBM documentation. The documentation includes versions of the installed help files.

Accessing the product support website

Contacting IBM Software Support

If you encounter a problem with this product, first try the following actions:

  • Following the steps described in the product documentation
  • Looking for related documentation in the online help
  • Looking up error messages in the message reference
If you cannot resolve your problem by any of the preceding methods:
  1. Go to the WebSphere Application Server support page.
  2. Expand the Contact Support section.
    • Click Ask the IBM Support Agent Tool, and submit your question.
    • Click Chat with technical support, and follow the information collection instructions provided.
    • Click Email Feedback to IBM support, and choose your email client to send feedback.
    • Click Directory of worldwide contacts to find the appropriate contact information for your location.