Developing a custom user registry for Liberty

You can develop a custom user registry class by implementing the interface in the Liberty server.

About this task

The UserRegistry interface is a Service Programming Interface (SPI) that enables support to virtually any type of account repository. For a general view of stand-alone custom registries, see Stand-alone custom registries.


  1. Implement the custom user registry.
  2. Convert the implementation class into an OSGi service. You can do the conversion in the following ways:
  3. Package the custom user registry as an OSGi bundle and export the UserRegistry service. For information on creating an OSGi bundle, see Creating an OSGi service bundle.
  4. Create a feature manifest to include the OSGi bundle.
    For more information, see Product extension.
  5. After the feature is installed into the user product extension location, configure the server.xml file with the feature name.
    For example: