Monitoring the Liberty server runtime environment

You can use the monitor-1.0, mpMetrics-1.x, mpMetrics-2.x, and mpMetrics-3.x features to monitor the server runtime environment.

The monitor-1.0 feature is a JMX and REST interface for viewing built-in Liberty metrics, and has metrics about many components in Liberty. monitor-1.0 is the feature to use to visualize metrics about the components in Liberty.

The mpMetrics-1.x, mpMetrics-2.x, and mpMetrics-3.x features provide a /metrics REST interface that conforms to the MicroProfile Metrics specification. Application developers can add their own custom metrics, using the MicroProfile Metrics API, alongside the metrics provided by Liberty. Use this feature to monitor applications instrumented with the MicroProfile Metrics API.

Open Liberty Documentation for the mpMetrics-2.0 feature and later versions of the feature is available on the Open Liberty website.