Enterprise OSGi programming model support

The Enterprise OSGi table and links show the extent to which each of the major server profiles supports the traditional WebSphere® Application Server programming model.

Enterprise OSGi technologies

Table 1. Enterprise OSGi support.

A list of enterprise OSGi technologies, subdivided into sections for blueprint, web, and other enterprise technologies. For each technology there is a specification reference, and an indication of whether the technology is supported by WebSphere Application Server traditional, by Liberty, and by Liberty Core.

Technology Specification reference traditional Liberty Liberty Core
Blueprint-related technologies
Blueprint Container R4.2 Enterprise Chapter 121
Blueprint Transactions  
Blueprint Managed JPA  
Blueprint Security      
Blueprint Resource References      
Custom Blueprint Namespaces    
Web-related technologies
Web Application Bundles R4.2 Enterprise Chapter 128

WebSocket Applications


JNDI R4.2 Enterprise Chapter 126
Other enterprise technologies
EJB Bundles   1    
Remote Bundle Repositories  
SIP   2    
Local OSGi application integration    

Note: WebSockets is currently only supported on Liberty.
1 EJB levels earlier than 3.0 are not supported.
2 SIP annotations are not supported.