Installing a Liberty feature to Liberty V8.5.5

When you develop a Liberty feature by using the WebSphere® Application Server Developer Tools, you need to create a Liberty feature project that packages the Liberty feature. You can use the workbench to install Liberty features to Liberty runtime environments and enable installed features using the server configuration editor. Changes to features already installed on Liberty can be pushed to all respective runtime environments using the Update Feature menu option in the workbench.

Before you begin

Create a Liberty feature project.

Restriction: This topic is supported for WebSphere Application Server Liberty V8.5.5. For versions 8.5 or earlier, see Manually installing a Liberty feature to Liberty V8.5 or earlier topic.


To install a Liberty feature to Liberty, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Enterprise Explorer view, right-click your Liberty feature project and select Install Feature.
  2. In the Feature install wizard and under Target Runtimes, select the Liberty runtime environment that you want to install your feature. Click Finish.
    Tip: If the feature is already installed on Liberty, the Liberty entry is no longer an available option in the list of target runtimes. Instead, use the Update Features menu option (available when you right-click the Liberty feature project in the Enterprise Explorer view) to update any changes to a feature already installed on Liberty.
  3. Add the feature name to the list of configured features in your server configuration (server.xml file):
    1. In the Servers view, expand your Liberty server, right-click the Server Configuration [server.xml] and select Open.
    2. In the Server Configuration editor, under the Configuration Structure, expand Server Configuration and select Feature Manager.
    3. Under the Feature Manager, select the Add button.
    4. In the Add Features wizard, search and select your feature with the prefix usr: followed by the name of your Liberty feature project, for example, usr:MyLibertyFeatureProject. Click OK.
    In the Source tab of the Server Configuration editor, the server.xml file displays the newly added feature entry under the featureManager node:


After installing the Liberty feature in Liberty, you can find the following file structure in the ${wlp.user.dir}/extension directory:
      manifest files
   OSGi bundle JAR files

What to do next

To update changes to a feature already installed on the Liberty runtime environments, use the Update Features menu option (available when you right-click the Liberty feature project in the Enterprise Explorer view). A Progress Information window opens and the workbench takes a moment to perform this update action.