Creating a Liberty feature project

To develop a Liberty feature by using the WebSphere® Application Server developer tools, you must create a Liberty feature project in your workspace.

About this task

A Liberty feature project contains classes and services that implement the function provided by your Liberty feature


To create a Liberty feature project, complete the following steps:

  1. Click File > New > Other > OSGi > Liberty Feature Project and then click Next.
    The New Liberty Feature Project wizard opens.
  2. In the Project name field, enter the name of your Liberty feature project.
  3. Select a Target runtime from the drop down list. The list will include the WebSphere Application Server Liberty 8.5.5 if it is defined in your workspace as an installed runtime environment.
  4. Click Next.
    The OSGi Bundles Selection dialog box opens.
  5. Select one or more OSGi bundles to add to the Liberty feature project, or click New Bundle to create an OSGi bundle to add to the Liberty feature project.
    You can add further bundles after you have created the Liberty feature project; see Adding OSGi bundles to a Liberty feature project.

    For information on creating an OSGi bundle, see Creating OSGi bundle projects.

  6. Click Finish to create the Liberty feature project.


The Liberty feature project is added to your workspace.