Setting up Liberty

Create and configure servers, define variables, and add and remove Liberty features that specify the capabilities of your server.


  1. Create a server.
    From the /wlp/bin directory, run the following command.
    server create server_name

    The command creates the /wlp/usr/servers/server_name directory. This directory contains the server.xml and server.env files, which you use to configure your server.

  2. Configure your server.
    1. Edit the server.xml server configuration file.

      You can, for example, add Liberty features that you need to run your application.

    2. Specify server environment variables in the server.env file and JVM options in the jvm.options file as needed.

      For more information, see Customizing the Liberty environment.

    You can make other configuration updates. For more information, see the topics that follow.

What to do next

Start the server. You can start the server manually, by using Admin Center, or by using developer tools.