Configuring a custom form login page for OpenID

Login pages for Liberty must have a certain configuration in order to support OpenID Authentication.

About this task

If you have configured the providerIdentifier attribute of the <openId> element in your server.xml file, you can skip this task.

Unlike standard form login pages that require a user name and password, form login for OpenID only requires submitting an OpenID Identifier.You must therefore configure form login pages to accept this OpenID Identifier.


  1. Configure the login form to specify j_security_check as the value for the action.
  2. Add an input field to the login form and set the name attribute to openid_identifier for users to input an OpenID Identifier. The resulting form is similar to the following HTML example:
    <FORM action="j_security_check" method="POST">
      OpenID: <INPUT type="text" name="openid_identifier"><br>
      <INPUT type="submit" name="action" value="Login">

    No user name or password inputs are required if authentication is only performed using OpenID.