JSPG0234E: The JSP container is unable to locate the Java archive (JAR) resource [{0}] to parse tag library descriptors (TLDs).
JSPG0235E: The JSP container failed to load the TagExtraInfo class [{0}]
JSPG0236E: The JSP container failed to load the TagLibraryValidator class [{0}]
JSPG0237E: Cannot find an attribute directive with a name attribute with a value "{0}", the value of this name-from-attribute attribute.
JSPG0238E: The attribute directive (declared in line {0} and whose name attribute is "{1}", the value of this name-from-attribute attribute) must be of type java.lang.String, is "required" and not a "rtexprvalue".
JSPG0239E: <jsp:output>: illegal to have multiple occurrences of "{0}" with different values (old: {1}, new: {2})
JSPG0240E: Attempt to redefine the prefix "{0}" to "{1}", when it was already defined as "{2}" in the current scope.
JSPG0241E: The prefix "{0}" specified in this tag directive has been previously used by an action in file {1}.
JSPG0298E: The PageContext has already been initialized or released.
JSPG0299E: The dynamic attribute {0} has a prefix that does not map to a namespace.
JSPG0300E: Unable to get a RequestDispatcher for context: {0}
JSPG0301E: Invalid attribute, {0}, for deferred method returning void.
JSPG0302W: Failed to load the following JSP class: {0}, the exception is: {1}
JSPG0303W: The system was not able to parse the following JSP Tag Library Descriptor: {0}. The exception for the parsing error is: {1}
JSPG0304W: The JSP attribute, useJDKCompiler, is set to true, but the Java SDK compiler was not found. The JSP container uses the compiler that is embedded in the product to compile the JSP files in web module: {0}.
JSPG8500W: JDK 7 is not in use even though jdkSourceLevel was specified to be 17.
JSPG8501W: Exception thrown checking the java.version property