Java version dependencies for features

The WebSphere® Application Server Liberty run time has specific requirements for the minimum level of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Liberty features are installed and run on the WebSphere Application Server Liberty run time.

If you develop a feature that requires a later version of Java than the version that is required by the Liberty run time, then the feature can declare a required minimum version of Java. To declare a required minimum level of Java, include a required bundle execution environment in at least one of its included bundles. A feature defines which bundles it is composed of in the Subsystem-Content section. For more information, see Liberty feature manifest files. The following example shows how to declare a required minimum Java version:
Subsystem-Content:; version="[1,1.0.100)"
The bundle manifest file contains the definition for the required execution environment for the bundle; for example:

See the OSGi Enterprise R5 specification for more information on how to specify required execution environments. When the run time is provisioning the required features, it processes these bundle manifests and reports any unsatisfied Java version dependencies of the included feature.