Connecting to Liberty by using JMX

Use this information to access Java™ Management Extensions (JMX) connectors on Liberty. You can also access the secured JMX connector remotely by using SSL.

About this task

Liberty supports two JMX connectors: local connector and REST connector. Each connector is enabled through a different Liberty feature:
  • The local connector is enabled through the Liberty feature localConnector-1.0. Access through the local connector is protected by the policy implemented by the SDK in use. Currently the SDKs require that the client runs on the same host as Liberty, and under the same user ID.
  • The REST connector is enabled through the Liberty feature restConnector-2.0. The restConnector-2.0 feature supersedes the restConnector-1.0 feature. Remote access through the REST connector is protected by a single administrator role through the HTTPS port defined by the default httpEndpoint. In addition, SSL is required to keep the communication confidential. The REST connector features already include the ssl-1.0 feature.

An application deployed on Liberty has unrestricted access to its MBeanServer directory.

A JMX connection to the collective controller enables JMX access to multiple Liberty through the same connection. See Setting up the server-management environment for Liberty by using collectives for more information.

Restriction: Do not use JDK options that start with, which are described in, with the Liberty JMX support. Those JDK options adversely affect the Liberty MBean registration framework.