Superseded Liberty features

If a feature is superseded, a new feature or a combination of features might provide an advantage over the superseded feature.

For example, new, finer-grained features might be used in place of the superseded one to reduce the server footprint by excluding content that might not be necessary. The new feature or features might not completely replace the function of the superseded feature, so you must consider your scenario before you decide whether to change your configuration. Superseded features remain completely supported and valid for use in your configuration, but you might be able to improve your configuration by using the newer features.

Occasionally, a feature that includes other features is superseded by a new version of the feature that does not include all those features. The features that are not included in the new version are considered to be separated. If your application depends on the functions of a separated feature, you must explicitly add the separated feature to your configuration.

For example, featureA and featureB have the following conditions:
  • featureA-1.0 includes featureB-1.0
  • featureA-2.0 does not include featureB-1.0 (or any later versions of featureB)
If your application depends on featureB functions, either of these configurations will work:
  • Include featureA-1.0 in your server.xml file
  • Include featureA-2.0 and featureB-1.0 in your server.xml file
Table 1. Superseded features. This table describes the features that are superseded.
Category Superseded feature Superseding feature or feature capability Dependent feature removed
Liberty security appSecurity-1.0 appSecurity-2.0

This version of the appSecurity feature secures only applications that are based explicitly on the presence of other features. If the servlet-3.0 feature is present with the appSecurity-2.0 feature, web applications are secured. If the servlet-3.0 feature is not present, web applications are not secured.

servlet-3.0 removed from the definition of appSecurity-2.0. If your applications are dependent on servlet-3.0, then you must add it separately.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) restConnector-1.0 restConnector-2.0 none
Liberty security ssl-1.0 transportSecurity-1.0 none
Java Message Service (JMS) jmsMdb-3.2 mdb-3.2

Both features provide identical function; only the feature names are different. mdb-3.2 is the preferred feature name.

Java Message Service (JMS) jmsMdb-3.1 mdb-3.1

Both features provide identical function; only the feature names are different. mdb-3.1 is the preferred feature name.

Enterprise OSGi osgi.jpa-1.0
  • blueprint-1.0
  • jpa-2.0

When both these features are both added to the server, the osgi.jpa-1.0 feature is added automatically.