Java batch shutdown and recovery

The Java batch feature behaves differently when the server is shut down while jobs are still running.

Deactivating Java batch

Java batch is deactivated when the server is stopped or the Java batch feature is removed. It is also deactivated and reactivated to process a dynamic configuration update. Deactivating Java batch causes stop requests to be issued to all active jobs and messages to be logged for each stop. There is a 2-second period for the jobs to stop. If after 2 seconds there are Java batch jobs that are still running, a message is logged that indicates which job execution IDs are still active. Java batch then shuts down. If jobs are still running after Java batch shuts down, they can experience unpredictable behavior.

Important: If the server is unexpectedly stopped, Java batch recovers by marking all jobs that were running on the server but not completed as FAILED when the server is restarted.