Java batch and managed batch overview

The Java batch function extends the application server to accommodate applications that must perform batch work alongside transactional applications. Batch work might take hours or even days to finish and uses large amounts of memory or processing power while it runs.

An individual request can be completed with seconds of processor time and relatively little memory. Many applications, however, must complete batch work that is computational and resource-intensive.

Liberty supports the following batch features:
  • Java batch

    The batch-1.0 feature enables the use of the JSR-352 programming model.

  • Managed batch
    The batchManagement-1.0 feature provides the following functions:
    • A REST interface for remote job submission
    • The batchManager command-line utility
    • Job logging support
    • Multiple server support by using JMS
Note: The batchManagement-1.0 feature also enables the batch-1.0 feature.