Installing Liberty Repository assets

You can use a variety of tools to install the assets that are in the Liberty Repository.

Before you begin

The Liberty Repository provides an online mechanism to deliver Liberty and additional content, enabling a single point of access for various asset types. For more information, see Liberty Repository.
To access the Liberty Repository with limited internet access or through a firewall, ensure that you have access to the following hosts and ports:
  • on port 443
  • on port 443

About this task

You can use several methods to access and install Liberty Repository assets.


  1. Review the installation methods for the Liberty Repository assets.
    Use the following table to determine the appropriate installation methods for each asset type:
    Table 1. Installation methods for Liberty Repository asset types
    Asset type installUtility command featureManager command configUtility command Installation Managera Developer toolsb
    Config snippets      
    Open source integrations    
    Products       d
    Tools         e
    1. Installation Manager cannot be used to install beta assets.
    2. Developer tools are available only for the Linux®, macOS, and Windows platforms.
    3. You can install products from Installation Manager, but they are not in the online Liberty Repository.
    4. You can install tools from the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse update sites or the Eclipse Marketplace.
  2. Choose the installation method for the Liberty Repository assets that fits your usage scenario.
    • installUtility command: Finds, obtains information about, and installs assets that are in a local directory-based repository, a Liberty Asset Repository Service repository, or the Liberty Repository. You can also download Liberty Repository assets to your local system for offline use. The installUtility command downloads and installs all dependencies for the asset. For more information, see Installing assets using the installUtility command.
    • featureManager command: Installs Liberty Repository features and addons to an existing installation of Liberty or downloads them to your local system for offline use. For more information, see Installing assets using the featureManager command. The installUtility command is recommended over the featureManager command because it enables you to work with more asset types and from multiple repositories.
    • configUtility command: Downloads config snippet assets and enables you to replace configuration snippet variables with your input values. For more information, see Downloading and customizing configuration snippets from the command line.
    • IBM Installation Manager: Installs Liberty Repository assets during the installation or an upgrade to a new version of Liberty. You can use the Installation Manager graphical user interface, command-line interface, or the Installation Manager in silent mode with a response file. For more information, see Installing assets using Installation Manager.
    • Distributed: [AIX MacOS Linux Windows]Developer tools: Developer tools for WebSphere Application Server, such as WebSphere Developer Tools, provide a graphical user interface that you can use to install Liberty Repository assets. For more information, see Installing assets using developer tools.