Creating a Liberty feature by using developer tools

You can use the WebSphere® Application Server Developer Tools to write your own features and install them into an existing Liberty server, or to package them for delivery to your users.

About this task

To develop a Liberty feature in the WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools, you create a Liberty feature project and target it to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty version 8.5.5 or later.

You add OSGi bundles that contain classes and services that implement the function provided by your Liberty feature. If your feature provides any API packages to OSGi applications, or SPI packages to features in other product extensions, you can declare those packages in the Liberty feature manifest file.

You can export your Liberty feature as a compressed file that can be extracted over an existing WebSphere Application Server Liberty to extend its capabilities.

For more information on creating Liberty features, see Product extension.

Creating a Liberty feature by using WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools is described in more detail in the following subtopics: