Liberty and Chef

Chef software is an open source configuration management tool that you can use to create and manage the installation of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You can use Chef to provision a Liberty installation.

Chef uses cookbooks, which are reusable sets of components that are written in the Ruby programming language. A cookbook provides all the necessary components that are needed to configure an associated piece of software, for example, Apache HTTP Server. An important distinction between using Chef and writing scripts is the ability of Chef to determine the differences between the current software configuration and a new configuration and make only the changes necessary to move from one to the other. For more information, see the online Chef documentation About Cookbooks .

By using Chef, you can create scalable infrastructure with minimal configuration to maintain. You can easily expand your existing infrastructure, for example, by creating and starting a new application server or web server. Chef automatically connects the new servers into the existing infrastructure as necessary.

The wlp cookbook installs and configures the WebSphere® Application Server Liberty. It provides recipes, resources, and libraries for creating, managing, and configuring Liberty server instances. For more information, see wlp cookbook.

To learn more about Chef, see the online Chef documentation How Chef works.