Uninstalling Liberty fix packs from IBM i operating systems using the command line

You can roll back WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Core to an earlier version using the Installation Manager command line.

Before you begin

You must have IBM® Installation Manager Version 1.8.5 or later installed on your system.

Through version, the minimum acceptable version of IBM Installation Manager is 1.8.5.

As of version, the minimum acceptable version of IBM Installation Manager is 1.9.0.

During the rollback process, Installation Manager must access files from the earlier version of the package. By default, these files are stored on your computer when you install a package. If you change the default setting or delete the saved files, Installation Manager requires access to the repository that was used to install the earlier version.


  1. Optional: If the repository requires a username and password, create a credential-storage file to access this repository.
    Tip: When creating a credential-storage file, append /repository.config at the end of the repository URL location if the imutilsc command is unable to find the URL that is specified.
  2. Sign on to the IBM i system with a user profile that has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.
  3. Stop all servers and applications on the installation that is being rolled back.
  4. On a CL command line, run the STRQSH command to start the Qshell command shell.
  5. Change to the eclipse/tools subdirectory in the directory where you installed Installation Manager.
  6. Use the imcl command to roll back the product.
    ./imcl rollback offering_ID_offering_version
      -repositories repository_URL_or_path 
      -installationDirectory installation_directory
      -preferences preference_key=value
      -properties property_key=value
      -secureStorageFile storage_file -masterPasswordFile master_password_file
    • The offering_ID is the offering ID that is listed in Liberty product offerings for supported operating systems.
    • The offering_version, which optionally can be attached to the offering ID with an underscore, is a specific version of the offering to which to roll back ( for example).
      • If offering_version is not specified, the installation rolls back to the previously installed version of the offering and all interim fixes for that version are installed.
      • If offering_version is specified, the installation rolls back to the specified earlier version of the offering and no interim fixes for that version are installed.
    • When you roll back to a previous fix pack, any Liberty addons and features that do not apply to that fix pack are removed.
      If you previously installed Liberty addons and features but do not have access to a Liberty repository when you roll back your installation, specify the following properties on the command line. Specifying these properties uninstalls all features and addons but enables the product to roll back.
      -properties user.addon="",user.feature=""   

      Note that for fix pack and later, all features that apply to an edition are available and installed when you install the product.

    For more information on using the imcl command, read the IBM Installation Manager product documentation.

  7. Optional: List all installed packages to verify the roll back.
    ./imcl listInstalledPackages -long