Uninstalling Liberty fix packs from distributed operating systems using the GUI

You can roll back a product installation to an earlier version using the Installation Manager GUI.

Before you begin

During the rollback process, Installation Manager must access files from the earlier version of the package. By default, these files are stored on your computer when you install a package. If you change the default setting or delete the saved files, Installation Manager requires access to the repository that was used to install the earlier version.

Important: Installation Manager can install any fix-pack level of the product directly without installing the intermediate fix packs; in fact, Installation Manager installs the latest level by default. For example, you can skip fix-pack levels and go from fix pack directly to fix pack Keep in mind, however, that later you can not roll back to any level that was skipped. For example, if you directly install to fix pack, you cannot roll back to fix pack If you skip from fix pack to, you can only roll back to The same principle also applies to the common IBM® Java™ SDK fix packs.


  1. Stop all servers on the product installation that is being rolled back.
  2. Start Installation Manager.
  3. Click Roll Back.
  4. Select the package group to roll back, and click Next.
  5. Select the fix pack version to which you want to roll back, and click Next.
  6. Review the Liberty addon and feature rollback options.

    Installation Manager rolls back any installed Liberty addons and features to the previous level if the configured Installation Manager repository contains the necessary files.

    You can optionally choose whether to roll back the addons and features from the online Liberty Repository.

  7. Review the addon and feature summary information, and click Next.
  8. Review the summary information, and click Roll Back.
    • If the rollback is successful, the program displays a message indicating that the rollback is successful.
    • If the rollback is not successful, click View Log File to troubleshoot the problem.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Click File > Exit to close Installation Manager.