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Removing an interim fix from a Liberty archive installation

If you installed Liberty by using a self-extracting Java archive file or ZIP file, to remove an interim fix you must manually remove files and restore files from the /wlp folder.

About this task

If you used IBM® Installation Manager to apply an interim fix, you can use Installation Manager to remove the interim fix.

The current set of fixes installed on Liberty can be found in the /lib/fixes directory.

Each interim fix is provided with a readme.txt file, which contains backup and restore instructions specific to the fix content, in a section titled Directions to apply fix. If the readme.txt file does not include any requirement to back up files, you can extract the fix and then restart the server at any time with the --clean parameter as a launch option.


  1. Stop all servers running on the system.
    For more information, see Starting and stopping a server.
  2. Delete or replace the files as detailed in the readme.txt file.
    File locations are relative to your Liberty installation root directory. For example:
    • lib/
    • lib/fixes/
  3. Start all Liberty servers with the --clean parameter as a launch option. For example, server start --clean.
    You only need to use the --clean option once. All subsequent server starts will not require it.

What to do next

You can reapply the fix by following the instructions in Applying an interim fix to a Liberty archive installation.