Configuring proxy server support for the featureManager command in Liberty

You can access the Liberty Repository using a proxy server.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have created the required directory structure. If the etc directory is not found in the Liberty installation directory, then you must create it.
To access the Liberty Repository with limited internet access or through a firewall, ensure that you have access to the following hosts and ports:
  • on port 443
  • on port 443

About this task

You can run the featureManager command to connect to the Liberty Repository through a user-specified proxy server.

  • The featureManager command only supports proxy servers with HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
  • The proxy server is only supported for the install and find options for the featureManager command.

Both the featureManager command and the installUtility command use the same configuration properties file, The proxy settings are shared, but the repository settings are only used by the installUtility command. Using the installUtility command is recommended over the featureManager command because it enables you to work with more asset types and from multiple repositories; for more information see Configuring repositories and proxy settings for the installUtility command.

To configure proxy server support for the featureManager command, complete the following steps.


  1. In the <Liberty_installation_dir>/etc directory, create an ASCII properties file, and name it
  2. In the file, specify the following properties with the proxy server configurations:
    1. Specify the proxy server host name with no protocol information.
    2. Specify the proxy server port number:
    3. Specify the proxy server user name and encrypted password.
      The proxy server password must be encrypted by using the securityUtility command found in the <Liberty_installation_dir>/bin/ directory.

      For more information about the encoding options, see: securityUtility command.

      If the proxy server does not require authentication, then the proxyUser and proxyUserPassword properties are not required.
  3. Save the file.

What to do next

Run the featureManager install name or featureManager find searchString --viewInfo commands to install or query applicable Liberty features from the Liberty Repository through the specified proxy server. For more information, see Liberty: featureManager command.