Automatic generation of the plugin-cfg.xml file

The information on this page can be used to generate the plugin-cfg.xml file automatically for the web server, which is used to forward HTTP requests from a supported web server to one or more application servers. The plug-in takes a request and checks the request against configuration data in the plugin-cfg.xml file.

WebSphere Application Server Liberty server generates the plugin-cfg.xml file automatically during the following events:
  • When the Liberty server is started
  • When an application is deployed to the Liberty server
  • When an application is undeployed from the Liberty server
  • When an application programmatically modifies the session cookie configuration name during application initialization
  • When server configuration is updated

The plugin-cfg.xml file is generated in the <server.config.dir>/logs/state directory. Generating the plugin-cfg.xml file automatically during the specified events helps to get the most recent plugin-cfg.xml file immediately. This avoids the need to manually generate the plugin-cfg.xml file when applications are deployed or undeployed. The customizations that are required for generating the plugin-cfg.xml file can be configured by using the <pluginConfiguration> element in the server.xml file. For more information, see Generating the plug-in configuration file.