A secure, REST administrative connector that can be used locally or remotely using any Java developer kit. This connector enables remote access from a Java client or directly through an HTTPS call. The administrator and reader roles protect the connector. The connector requires TLS to keep the communication confidential. The HTTPS port used by the connector is defined through the default HTTP endpoint. This feature is superseded by the restConnector-2.0 feature and enables the jaxrs-1.1 feature.

Enabling this feature

To enable the Admin REST Connector 1.0 feature, add the following element declaration into your server.xml file, inside the featureManager element:


Features that this feature is superseded by

Feature configuration elements

Liberty API packages provided by this feature

  • com.ibm.websphere.filetransfer

  • com.ibm.websphere.jmx.connector.rest

  • com.ibm.websphere.security.auth.callback

  • com.ibm.ws.jmx.connector.client.rest

  • com.ibm.wsspi.security.auth.callback

  • com.ibm.wsspi.security.common.auth.module

  • com.ibm.wsspi.security.tai

  • com.ibm.wsspi.security.token

Features that this feature enables

Supported Java versions

  • JavaSE-1.8

  • JavaSE-11.0

  • JavaSE-17.0

  • JavaSE-21.0

  • JavaSE-22.0

Developing a feature that depends on this feature

If you are developing a feature that depends on this feature, include the following item in the Subsystem-Content header in your feature manifest file.

com.ibm.websphere.appserver.restConnector-1.0; type="osgi.subsystem.feature"

SPI packages provided by this feature

  • com.ibm.wsspi.webservices.handler