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Deploying applications to Liberty servers by using developer tools

You can add applications to the server by right-clicking on the server in the Servers view then selecting Add and Remove from the menu.

Before you begin

This task assumes that your application is in your Eclipse workspace. If you have a prebuilt application archive file that you want to add and run, you must first import the file into your Eclipse workspace. Alternatively, you can use the steps described in Deploying applications in Liberty.

About this task

When you add an application to the server, the workbench tries to determine which features are required by the application and enables them in the server configuration for you if they are not already enabled.


  1. In the Servers view, right-click the server and select Add and Remove.
  2. In the Add and Remove wizard, under the Available list, select the applications you want to add then click Add. Or click Add All to add all available applications to the server.
    This is a screen capture of the Add and Remove wizard.
    Important: If your application contains errors, you can receive a warning. Select Cancel to cancel publishing and fix your errors, or select OK to publish your application without correcting the errors. You can select Always publish applications with errors on this server to stop receiving a warning when you attempt to publish an application that contains errors.
  3. Alternatively, you can right-click on an application in the Project Explorer view and select Run As > Run on Server, or Debug As > Debug on Server. This adds the application to the server (if not already added), starts the server (if not already started) and runs the application.


Tip: If you are using Run on Server or Debug on Server and the server is already started, the browser might try to load the application before the server has finished loading it. If this happens, wait for the message in the console view that displays the application has been started and then refresh the browser if necessary.